4 Steps for a Healthy Halloween

Child dressed up in superhero clothing

Halloween is a special time of year for those trying to lose or maintain their weight. Seeing all those sugary treats in the store is one thing, and we can muster up enough willpower to keep walking when we pass by the candy aisle; but how can you make sure that you’re not going to overindulge or go off-plan? Our first tip is to always chat with your SlimGenics Program Advisor for ways to avoid Halloween candy! Also, Program Director, Kim C. offers some great real-life advice for those trying to have a healthy Halloween.

Staying on-plan, and continuing to lose weight over Halloween is completely possible with these 4 steps for a healthy Halloween!

  1. Trick-or-Treat Workout – Getting 15 minutes of moderate exercise per day is a fantastic way to boost your health! Dress up in a spooky costume and head out trick-or-treating with your kids.
  2. Just Don’t Buy It – If you find that the temptation of having candy around the house is too strong, then just don’t buy it! Your health and weight loss goals are far too important!
  3. Save the Candy for the Kids – If you do decide to open up your home to the little ghouls and goblins this year, remember that you bought the candy for THEM. Cut up your favorite Thermo-Snacks® into bite-sized pieces to keep next to the candy bowl! That way every time you want to give-in to the temptation, you have a healthy alternative waiting for you. Be sure to check out these SlimGenics Sweet Tooth Solutions!
  4. Pitch the Leftovers – After the last round of kids passes by your house, get rid of the candy! Throw it away or put it down the garbage disposal – whatever you need to do to make sure you won’t sneak a piece. And be sure to get rid of ALL OF IT, IMMEDIATELY!