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Join the slimgenics slimclub and save 10 percent off all orders plus get free shipping


Questions about our online store

I purchased the SlimGenics Weight Loss Program and/or the 14-Day Kick-Start Program but haven’t received my password or confirmation email.
– These emails can sometimes get blocked or put in to the Spam folder. If it is not in your Spam folder, you can also access your password on the My Account page.

Who do I contact if I’m having technical difficulties or if there is something wrong with my shipment?
– To report a problem with your order, email

I downloaded the SlimGenics Weight Loss Program and/or the 14-Day Kick-Start Program, now what?
– Enter the password that has been emailed to you in the password field when you open your download. Simply read, scroll and enjoy! If you have purchased the SlimGenics Weight Loss Program, you will also be enrolled in our educational email series, eAdvisor. In this series you will receive resources such as educational blogs, nutritious recipes, informational videos and discounts on products to aid in your weight-loss journey.

Do you offer FREE Shipping?

– FREE shipping is available on all orders priced at $169 and above after any discounts. To receive FREE shipping on orders of $59 and above, sign up for a SlimClub Membership today. With FREE shipping, Members also receive special offers, unique discounts and a special 10% discount on all orders.

I have some questions about your programs. Who can I talk to?
-We are here for you! Do you have questions or need a little extra motivation? We are never more than a phone call away. You have access to an experienced Weight Loss Consultant and an Online Community of fellow program participants for all of the support you need. Email and a Weight Loss Consultant will be happy to assist you with your questions.

Are you a vegetarian? Gluten-free? Nursing mother? Kosher? Had bariatric surgery?
– That’s ok! Our programs are flexible and easily adaptable to meet your needs. A Program Advisor or your physician can assist you with any needed modifications.

Can I participate if I have a medical condition such as diabetes or heart disease?
– Yes. Your health and well-being are our primary concern. Our team has worked with people with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions, high cholesterol, arthritis and joint pain, thyroid disease, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and cancer. We highly recommend consulting with your physician before starting a weight-loss program.

How much do I have to exercise?
– You can exercise as little or as much as you would like. Exercise will help with weight loss, but it is not a required part of the program.

What are the benefits of taking the supplements?
– Our supplements are nutritionally designed with weight loss in mind. They can help to increase inch loss, speed up metabolism, fight cravings and improve gut health. A Weight Loss Consultant can assist you in selecting the supplements best suited for your nutritional and weight-loss needs.

Why are Thermo-Snacks® part of my SlimGenics Weight Loss Program and what do they do?
– SlimGenics Thermo-Snacks have the highest quality protein needed for weight-loss success. Thermo-Snacks help to enhance energy, prevent deviations and improve weight-loss results. No matter what you might be craving, there is a Thermo-Snack to meet your preference. Sweet, salty, savory, or crunchy, we have something for everyone to enjoy. Healthy snacking never tasted so good!

What are Rewards Points?
– With SlimGenics Rewards, our free online loyalty program, you earn points with every online purchase. With every $25 dollars spent in the SlimGenics Online Store, you earn one Rewards point, which is equal to $1.00 to use when shopping on Redeeming your points is easy! Simply redeem your Rewards points at checkout. If you have accumulated the minimum of just 5 points, you may apply them toward any purchase. You will have the option of applying points as one of your payment methods. Rewards Points expire 90 days after the last date earned, and we will send you a reminder 10 days before expiration to alert you to use your points before they expire. Each time new Rewards points are earned; ALL points in your account are extended for another 90 days. For more details please visit our Online Rewards Program page.

How fast can I expect to lose weight?
– This is different for everyone, but healthy people who follow SlimGenics’ programs can expect to lose, on average, 1 to 2 pounds per week but many have achieved even faster results. The rate at which you lose weight depends on your age, gender, health history, starting weight and activity level.  It is important to note that some medical conditions and medications can slow down weight loss.

When will I receive my order?
– If you ordered a SlimGenics Weight Loss Program or 14-Day Kick-Start you can download immediately! If you ordered any nutritional supplements, Thermo-Snacks, etc. orders typically arrive within 3-4 days. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a notification via email. Please note that orders placed on Friday will not be shipped until the following Monday.

Why is my order on hold?
– As part of our commitment to fraud protection, some orders may be placed on hold for manual verification. Reasons for an order being placed on hold can include: differing shipping and billing addresses, incorrect billing information, recent name change on the card holder’s account, and more. In the event of a hold, we will manually verify your information which takes approximately two hours.

Is the food plan very restrictive?
– No! SlimGenics programs are based on Balanced Nutrition. You will eat food from all of the food groups. We will help you understand what, when and how much to eat to lose your weight easier and faster than trying to do it on your own.