Avoid Vacation Weight Gain

During the summer months, and again around the holidays, so many clients ask about how to stay on plan and lose weight while on vacation. The good news is that you DO NOT have to gain weight on vacation! I know it can be tough sticking to your Program when you’re dealing with airport food, unfamiliar areas, and an often unpredictable schedule. But remember that it is possible to see the scale move down when you return from your trip. Give these slimming tips a try the next time you go out of town to avoid vacation weight gain.

Plan Ahead to Lose Weight on Vacation

  • Stock up on Morton® Lite Salt to help maintain your sodium-potassium balance. One side of a contact lense case fits approximately 1/4 teaspoon!
  • Always carry your favorite Thermo-Snacks® to help control cravings and to ensure your body is getting enough protein for weight loss.
  • Keep fresh fruits and vegetables like apples, oranges, celery sticks and bell peppers handy. Munching on these will help keep cravings at bay, and help to boost the metabolism.

A Little Exercise Goes A Long Way

  • Throw a pair of sneakers in your suitcase.
  • Bring a couple exercise bands in your carry-on, and sneak in a few bicep curls before boarding.
  • Walk to your dinner reservation instead of driving.
  • If you’re pressed for time, try using mornings to get 20-30 minutes of heart pumping cardio in before everyone else is awake. Almost all hotels have complimentary fitness centers. If not, head outside and enjoy the beautiful outdoors!
  • Choose activities like nature walks, outdoor tours, hikes, swimming and bike rides to get acquainted with your vacation destination.

Make Healthy Choices

  • Stick to foods on the SlimGenics Integrated Food List.
  • Fill out your Food Journal at every meal to make sure you’re getting enough of each food group from your individualized weight loss plan.
  • When eating out, look for preparation styles like grilled, steamed, baked and broiled.
  • Always drink plenty of water, and avoid alcoholic beverages.
  • Remember to ask for what you need. Most restaurants are happy to comply with your healthy eating habit!

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