5 Healthy Foods to Protect Your Teeth

May 18, 2020

5 Healthy Foods to Protect Your Teeth

Have you ever had a dream that your teeth break off and fall out? A 2012 study showed that dreams such as these are surprisingly common with over 39% of people regularly having them and are perhaps indicative of two things: ongoing stress and internal worry over dental health.

If stress is a concern (and it is for many of us) check out our blog, Top 6 Stress Relieving Foods, to learn how to snack some serenity into your life. Now, let’s move on to the topic of the day, dental health. Dental health isn’t just about the look of our chompers but the stability and internal health of them as well. In fact, many facets of our overall health are directly impacted by poor dental health such as cardiovascular health, neurological health, digestion, nutrient absorption and more.

Yes, you read that right. There is thought to be a link between heart health and dental health that stems from the ongoing internal inflammation caused by gum disease or decay. And current research is uncovering potential links between neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and long-term poor dental health. All the more reason to start thinking about the health of your teeth, right? The good news is, taking care of your teeth can be easier than you think. Brush twice a day, floss, see your dentist regularly AND support your dental integrity with sound nutritional choices such as these delicious foods:

1. Greek Yogurt

Full of calcium, healthy protein and probiotics, Greek yogurt works to reinforce the structural integrity of your teeth while allowing healthy bacteria to crowd out cavity-causing bacteria. Add a serving to your daily breakfast along with some berries and Stevia for a cavity-fighting parfait.

2. Apples

As if eating something so sweet and wonderful could get more awesome. Apples have moderate fiber content and unique texture that helps to rid the teeth of debris, bacteria and food particles. Apples also stimulate the salivary gland to help wash away leftover food from the mouth. A good trick is to keep an apple around for a snack to help keep your teeth clean in between brushings.

3. Green Tea

Most teas are rich in antioxidant polyphenols but green tea just has that extra oomph for protecting your teeth. The antioxidants work well to help lessen the bacteria that lead to cavities. And an awesome bonus, green tea also helps kill bad breath. Have a steaming, aromatic cup of green tea at night to relax or mix up a refreshing glass of Citrus Green Tea Thermo-Boost and enjoy the dental benefits.

4. Celery

Ok, let’s make a pact to eat more celery because the benefits to our teeth are absolutely worth it. Think of it like natural flossing that is also really refreshing. Celery has long fibrous pieces that work to remove food particles between teeth when chewed and can be helpful to encourage healthy salivation. The water content is also brilliant for washing the insides of our mouths out. All around, celery is healthy, enjoyable and great for digestion. Celery sticks with a healthy dressing dip is always a great snack!

5. Stevia

We all know that refined sugar is one of the main culprits of tooth decay and easily the best thing you can do right this second is throw every sugary drink or food out of your home/car/bag/entire universe and adopt a healthy sugar substitute such as Stevia. Not only will your teeth thank you endlessly but Stevia also shows positive effects in helping reduce blood sugar spikes.

The health of our teeth needs to be a priority as we age as it will help determine our quality of life down the road. By instilling smart habits now, you can have strong, healthy teeth and better health. Worth it, right?


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