Healthy Meal Planning for Success

Healthy Meal Planning for Success

Success rarely comes without a plan, and weight loss is no exception. Successful people balance work, school, family and leisure because they formulate a plan and follow through. That attention to detail should also be applied to a healthy eating plan. Meal planning is an integral part of weight-loss success, and there’s a good chance you will enjoy creating–and sticking to– your weekly meal plan.

Get Started

So where do you start? The Internet, of course. With the SlimGenics Integrated Food List in mind, begin searching for healthy recipes you will enjoy cooking and eating. You may also consult the SlimGenics STEP into the Kitchen cookbook for healthy, on-plan recipes. Compile a diverse set of recipes to keep you engaged and expose you to new foods you didn’t know you liked. Pinterest is also a great source for keeping healthy recipes all in one place. Create and maintain your own SlimGenics Meal Plan board! Be sure to save your favorite recipes, so you can revisit them in the future.

Now that you’ve found some delicious and healthy recipes, you can start plugging them into your calendar. Many health professionals recommend preparing and storing each meal on Sunday before the week is in full swing. If you prefer to rest on Sunday, pick another meal prep day that works for your schedule. The most important thing is finding a strategy that works for you.

Is it Worth It?

The primary goal of a weekly meal plan is maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding the nutrition pitfalls of a busy schedule. By preparing meals ahead of time you will always have a healthy meal or snack choice on hand for those time crunches. Meal planning also offers many other benefits that make a little prep work worth the effort:

Save Money

Preparing each meal will keep you from dining out or grabbing something unhealthy during a busy day. Not only will that keep you away from unhealthy restaurant or fast food meals, it will also keep more money in your pocket. You’ll be surprised how quickly those extra dollars add up every week.

Reduce Stress

With everything else in your life going a million miles an hour, deciding what to eat may be low on the priority list. Preparing meals in advance makes for one less thing to worry about every day.

Build Momentum

Once you’ve formed, executed and stuck to your plan, it will soon become habit. Setting short-term, realistic goals is a great way to get the ball rolling and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Expand Your Palate

As you look for new recipes, you’re likely to come upon foods you’ve never tried. Be adventurous and give everything—you may discover healthy meals you never knew were so enjoyable!

Plan for Success!

In addition to the weekly meal plan, we suggest keeping a food journal. Research suggests keeping a journal is closely tied to weight-loss success. The journal allows you to reflect and analyze your eating habits, acknowledge success and make adjustments, so be sure to fill out your journal each day, recording everything you consume, and then share with your program advisor!


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