How to Break the Yo-Yo Diet Cycle

Many of our clients have tried other weight loss methods in the past, lost some weight, but then gained it right back (usually with a few extra pounds than they started) because it wasn’t sustainable. This might be your experience, as well! Many of us have been stuck in this yo-yo diet cycle for so long that it’s hard to believe there is a solution. But there IS a solution! It’s not a quick-fix and it won’t help you lose 10 pounds in 2 days, but it will transform your body from the inside out. It’s healthful nutrition, a conscious mindset, and the desire to learn how to make these changes in your every day life.

Have you tried diets in the past that simply didn’t work? So many, in fact, that you’ve convinced yourself that maybe weight loss isn’t for you, and that your body just can’t lose weight?

We have some news for you. Those thoughts aren’t the truth! The truth is that ANYONE can lose those extra pounds when their goal is to get HEALTHY.

At SlimGenics, choosing to lose weight also means choosing to make a change in your health. We don’t just give you a list of things you can and cannot do; we walk you through every single step of the process, answering all of your questions, offering solutions, and providing education on how to maintain the new you far into the future.

Part of this education is pinpointing which current habits and behaviors are attributing to the weight gain in the first place, and helping our clients to establish healthful and sustainable habits for a future of weight maintenance. There are a few key behaviors that long-term weight managers have in common, according to The National Weight Control Registry (NWCR):

  • 78% eat breakfast every day
  • 75% weigh themselves at least once per week
  • 62% watch less than 10 hours of TV per week
  • 90% exercise, on average, about 1 hour per day

By incorporating some, or all, of these habits into your lifestyle, you will certainly increase your chances for successful long-term weight management.

One of the main reasons that fad diets don’t work is they eliminate certain foods (or they eliminate real food altogether) instead of teaching you how to incorporate that food into a healthy and well-balanced eating plan.

Additionally, many programs make you dependent on prepackaged meals. However, eating out of a box doesn’t teach you how to maintain your weight into the future, and the weight often comes right back when you return to your old eating habits.

If you’ve experienced similar frustrations, know that it’s not just you – hundreds of people have tried and failed at the same diets as you. Successful weight management is achieved by making good choices time and time again knowing that they will all add up to something great—a happier, healthier and more confident you! Now, isn’t it about time to give a healthy lifestyle a try? Call us today.