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Relax-Repair™ | Sleep & Hormone Support

Relax Repair sleep and hormone support supplement

Relax-Repair is a medical-grade, neurotransmitter and hormone-support supplement that calms your mind and lifts your mood. Our powerful mix of ingredients increases the brain’s production of Alpha Waves, (commonly associated with a relaxed, focused state) and decreases the production of beta waves (commonly associated with hyperactivity, nervousness and fleeting thoughts). One serving of Relax-Repair on […]

Quality Ingredients in Weight Loss Products

Quality ingredients in weight loss products

Dr. Dennis Jones, Ph.D., talks with SlimGenics Program Director Kim C. about the rigorous testing our premium ingredients go through before they are created into SlimGenics products. SlimGenics ensures that only the highest level of ingredients are included in our weight loss products to promote a healthy and successful weight loss program. SlimGenics is proud […]

Pura-Slim™ Metabolizer Herbs

pura slim metabolizer herbs

Pura-Slim Metabolizer HerbsTM are a thermogenic blend of herbs that assist with weight loss, facilitating fat loss and preserving a lean body mass while following a nutritionally balanced food plan. The combination of premium herbal ingredients found in Pura-Slim is based on pharmaceutical principles—known as active constituents—which have been extensively studied and proven to exert […]

Omega-Slim™ Essential Fatty Acids

omega slim essential fatty acid supplement for losing weight

SlimGenics Omega-Slim Essential Fatty AcidsTM are a proprietary blend of Omega-3 containing EPA and DHA found in fish oil and Omega 6 containing GLA found in Borage Seed Oil. The fish oil used in Omega-Slim is highly refined and is free of toxins like mercury and industrial pollutants found in over-the-counter brands. Omega-Slim EFAs have […]