Detox Kits

Slim-Repair Week Kit

  • The SlimGenics Repair Week Kit is a 7-day weight-loss detox designed to repair your metabolism and bust through weight-loss plateaus. Repair Week is the perfect option to put your weight-loss results back on track whether you’ve had a few moments of indulgence or your body needs a gentle nudge back in the right direction.

    Put Your Results Back On Track In Just 7 Days With A Repair Week

    The SlimGenics Repair Week Kit works to reduce chemical toxins, decrease inflammation, improve gut health, balance weight-related hormones, detoxify and cleanse bodily systems all while using simple, everyday foods that you cook yourself in the comfort of your own home and a powerful selection of SlimGenics weight-loss enhancing products.

    Purchase Expert Weight-Loss Support For Enhanced Results During Your Repair Week!


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