“I was ready to stop hiding.”

photo before she took the slimgenics diet and lost weight

Before Weight



photo after she took the slimgenics diet and lost weight

After Weight



Jennifer D.’s Story

Before I lost weight on the SlimGenics program I had a lot of hidden shame, physical and emotional pain and overwhelming disappointment in myself. Now that I have lost 140 pounds on the program, I feel elated and proud. I’ve finally arrived to who I really am. I feel like I’ve been hiding away all these years and it’s amazing to come out and see the world in new ways as a thin person. If you are thinking about doing the program, you should just do it! Not only did I lose weight, I learned how to live my life. I learned so much from the counselors and how to be healthy for life. I am SlimGenics!

*Individual results may vary. Participants who follow a reduced-calorie high-protein program like SlimGenics can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.