“This is the best shape I have been in my whole life.”

Lisa m. before losing weight with SlimGenics weight loss program

Before Weight



Lisa M. after losing weight with SlimGenics weight loss program

After Weight



Lisa M.’s Story

When I was little, I was super skinny. And then I got married, had kids, and gained weight. Years later, I thought, “I should probably lose the baby fat”. I didn’t do much of anything because I just didn’t want to go out. I wanted to hide and just wanted to duck away from cameras when they were around. People would try and make me feel better but I knew different. With SlimGenics you have one-on-one accountability and they look at your food journal to help you get through plateaus and figure out what I could be doing better. In August, I just went on a 68-mile bike ride. In one year, I went from not being able to hike to going on nearly 70-mile bike rides. It’s so fun to get out there and try new things now! I tried paddle boarding and my friends said, “Look at you, the new adventurous Lisa!”. I feel like I have a new life. This is the best shape I have ever been in life and I can do things now that I never would have dreamt of doing. I am so grateful for that.

*Individual results may vary. Participants who follow a reduced-calorie high-protein program like SlimGenics can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.