Happier, Healthier Holidays

This time of year, we often see other people giving themselves a little (or a lot of) dietary slack. Instead of one or two days of indulging, they decide to go all out the whole season; eating what they want in large portions, not getting enough–or any–exercise and toasting to everyone’s “health” with a different cocktail each night. After all of this extravagance, New Year’s Eve gets close and those sweatpants just won’t do. If that doesn’t stop these bad behaviors in their tracks, a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and be healthier surely will.

This is a vicious cycle and you need to break it before it undoes all your wonderful work. When you stay on plan now and through the holidays, you do yourself a favor. The New Year’s resolution is accomplished before it’s made. Just think about how pleased you’ll be when you don’t have to beat the rush to the gym on January 1 because you’ve been eating well and making good decisions for your body all December long. Even better, you’ll be able to choose your New Year’s Eve outfit now, and feel wonderful when you put it on 29 days later.

The best part is, there are no extra steps to take to look and feel this good–simply stay on plan! I know, the hard part is staying motivated and exercising willpower against temptations. Believe me, I’ve been there! But, remember, that’s exactly why we’re here. The SlimGenics Community is a great place to come when you’re feeling challenged. You can receive support from your peers and discover new resources to keep you on track. For example, the SlimWise Center has a SlimMinutes with 5 Tips to Stay Motivated. The community is full of these tips and tools, and it’s a safe zone to talk about any struggles you’re having, or a holiday event that you need to prepare for.

Another great resource is the SlimGenics Facebook page. If you haven’t already “liked” us on Facebook, do so now because the Holiday Challenge is on. Every week, there will be a new challenge to focus your daily nutrition and health goals. Besides seasonal support, Facebook features recipes, contests, discounts and more.

This year, pledge that you will stay on plan, use the resources SlimGenics provides and make good decisions. That way, you can save your New Year’s resolution for a new personal goal, and when people are toasting “to your health,” you can raise a glass of Thermo-Boost to them and say confidently, “cheers”!

In good health,
Kim Christopher