Your Healthy Memorial Day BBQ Menu

BBQ with chicken and stay healthy

This Memorial Day, fight for the right to be healthy! With these easy replacements, you can substitute your favorite unhealthy BBQ items with healthy alternatives. Don’t give up on your strawberry shortcake just yet; we’ve got you covered with this healthy revamp to your Memorial Day BBQ menu.

Who says you can’t stay on plan and still enjoy a fun, delicious BBQ with friends and family? Here is everything you need for a healthy Memorial Day barbeque. There is something for every taste on this menu, which is packed with flavors from savory and spicy to sweet and tangy!

Enjoy any or all of these delicious recipes for an on-plan menu this Memorial Day. Impress friends and family with your culinary skills and stay on track to reaching your weight-loss goals! For even more great recipes, buy your own copy of our all-new STEP in the Kitchen cookbook!