Have a Healthy Memorial Day Weekend

Healthy Memorial Day WeekendYou’ve been working hard to reach your weight loss goals, and you’re right on-track to being slimmer by summer – have you made plans for a healthy Memorial Day weekend yet? As we all know by now, planning and preparing are 2 ways that successful weight managers are so, well, successful! When we plan to have a successful holiday, and take the necessary steps to be well prepared, we’re more likely to succeed.

Here are our SlimGenics Approved tips for how to have a healthy Memorial Day Weekend:

Eat Your Veggies! Instead of loading up on grilled meats for your first course, chow down on a large plate of leafy greens and other fiber-rich veggies. Along with getting the vital nutrients in the vegetables, you’ll feel more full and be less likely to over-indulge on the meats, side potatoes, and sweet desserts later on. Try this delicious Braised Cauliflower Curry to add more veggies to your plate!

When in Doubt, Go Skinless! Always remove the skin from chicken and turkey before eating, and opt for skinless ground poultry or ground sirloin for burgers. Check the labels before making your purchase to ensure you’re getting the poultry that is lowest in fat. Remove all the fat from your beef before grilling, and don’t forget buffalo burgers are a low-calorie and high-protein option for grilling!

Layer Your Meat and Veggies! Kabobs made of lean meat, fish or shrimp like these Shrimp and Steak Kabobs, combined with veggies is a great BBQ alternative. Make sure you have an even amount of meat and veggies for a colorful dish that is full of flavor. (Watch marinades and sauces!)

Salads Can Fool You! Avoid creamy potato and macaroni salads because they are loaded in saturated fats, carbs and starches—unless you know they are chock-full of chopped veggies and prepared with a low-fat dressing. Nonetheless, don’t overindulge on the carb-heavy fare. Fresh is always best! Make a veggie/fruit tray from your updated Integrated Food List so you’ll have plenty of healthful foods to eat during the social festivities.

Say “No” to Alcohol! As tempting as it is to partake in a cold beer, glass of wine or cocktail, if you’re in the Weight Reduction phase of your program, avoid this temptation. Alcohol can slow the metabolism, and is typically burned off faster than storage fat, leading to weight gain. Instead, try having a refreshing Thermo-Boost® on ice or added to sparkling mineral water with a twist of citrus for a festive drink! For Weight Maintenance, remember that although alcoholic beverages go down fairly easily on a hot day — this doesn’t make them calorie or carb-free! If you’re indulging in alcohol during Weight Control, it’s important to watch your carbs. Reduce your alcohol intake by drinking a glass of water in between each serving of alcohol, and set a limit of one or two alcoholic drinks for the event. Also, to balance out carbs, eat a few bites of protein for every beer or glass of wine you drink.

Don’t forget to take your Alpha-Slim™ Crave Blockers before arriving at the BBQ – they help the body to not crave those sweet treats!