A Heart-Healthy Valentine’s Day

Heart shaped strawberries

Decadent dinners, boxes of chocolate and candy hearts are all synonymous with Valentine’s Day…but none of those things are in line with your healthy eating plan. The good news is you can find a happy medium instead by cooking a fabulous dinner at home, hosting a fun brunch or providing alternatives for sugary treats for the kids. You can have the best of both worlds this year by celebrating with these healthy Valentine’s Day treats.

Dinner For Two

A table for two at a fancy restaurant is a typical Valentine’s Day date. Consider skipping the reservations and unhealthy food temptations, and make a delicious dinner at home instead. Light some candles, get out the good china and enjoy this three course meal that’s heavy on satisfaction and light on guilt.

Appetizer: Salmon “Martinis” combine juicy, rich salmon with fresh veggies in a fun martini-glass presentation. Get the recipe here.

Main Course: Check out this delicious grilled surf and turf entrée. Once the shrimp come off the grill you can plate them facing each other to create edible heart shapes. Skip the sausage and add some steamed green veggies instead to save on calories.

Heart Healthy Desserts: Try putting a wood skewer into a strawberry, rolling it in natural yogurt and then dipping prepared Dark Chocolate Delight Thermo-Snacks pudding. You can freeze the skewers or keep them in the fridge until serving.

Brunch Bunch

A Valentine’s Day Brunch can be a great excuse for friends to get together and share the love. Hosting a healthy brunch is a breeze with these healthy Valentine’s Day treats.

Heart Shaped Fruit Salad: a pretty heart-shaped bowl plus a delicious mix of strawberries, blueberries and kiwis add up to one special treat.

Veggie Egg Cups: dice red, green and yellow peppers, sauté until tender and add a pinch of salt and garlic. Whisk 4 eggs and 4 egg whites. Combine veggies and eggs, spray a muffin pan with non-stick spray and fill cups with the mixture. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes or until a knife comes out clean.

Pomegranate Ice Cubes: To make your drink service stand out, purchase a silicone ice tray with heart shapes or use one you have. Put three pomegranate seeds in each heart before filling with water and freezing. These beautiful ice cubes will make any beverage more festive.

Healthier Party Treats

Tasked with bringing something for a school party? Instead of adding to the Sugar Mania consider sending these healthy treats.

Strawberry Hearts: Cut ripe strawberries in half, then use heart-shaped cookie cutters to make bright red hearts.

Fruit Wands: Put watermelon balls, strawberries and blueberries on long skewers. Tie a ribbon at the top to make them wands.

Fun-Size “Candy” Bars: Take your favorite Thermo-Snacks® bars and cut into fourths. Take pieces and dip into plain Greek yogurt flavored with vanilla. Freeze bars and serve cold.

Stay on track to weight-loss success and enjoy a heart-healthy holiday this Valentine’s Day!