Help! | My Holiday Party Clothes Are Too Tight

The Holiday season is just around the corner and as your schedule begins to book up with fantastic parties, you find yourself reaching into your closet to choose your best show-stopping outfits. We’ve all had that moment where our best party dress or suit perhaps fits a little bit tighter than you remember. And rather than run out to drop big bucks on a brand new party wardrobe, why not instead hit the refresh button on your healthy results? With a few simple tips and tricks, you can get yourself back on track and slipping into your party gear with room to spare. 

Sayonara Soda!

One of the biggest culprits for surprise weight gain is drinking soda. Not only is it obviously bad for your overall health, but the additional sugars and high-glycemic load is pretty much tailored to cause your body to hold onto weight and gain more rapidly. The science is a bit involved but the short and sweet version is this: High amounts of high fructose corn syrup featured in soda signals to the body that it is being overloaded with glucose. As a defense, the body then stores that excess glucose as fat while also storing additional water within the body to process it all. The result is your body gains weight very easily. The solution: Ditch the soda out of your life. Enjoy healthy hydration with water, tea and sugar-free healthy drinks such as Thermo-Boost

Kickstart Your Results!

Life happens. It’s just that simple. And the best way to help reverse and protect against gradual weight gain is to take some time every few months to give your body a break from bad habits. Periodic detoxing and re-establishing healthy habits can be your best weapon to always be ready to hit the beach OR the Holiday dancefloor. 

Looking for a refresh? The SlimGenics 14-Day Kickstart Weight Loss Program is perfect for losing those pesky pounds and giving yourself a leg up on your weight-loss journey. The easy-to-follow 14-day plan is designed to reset your metabolic clock and encourage enhanced thermogenesis to naturally burn stored fat while fueling your body with optimized nutrition. Through a combination of effective detoxification and balanced nutrition, you can expect to improve digestion and fat burning potential for exciting weight-loss results.

Let’s Get Physical!

Getting more activity in your life doesn’t mean being surrounded by screaming bodybuilders in the gym. Simple things make big changes in your health so next time you go to the store, park in the back of the parking lot. On the weekends, walk to your favorite restaurant with a loved one. Do five minutes of light exercise between episodes of your favorite show. Sign up for a fun 5K or charity walk. The options are endless!

Say “No” to Nibbles!

We adore snacking! It is important to note, however, that planned healthy snacks are a wonderful way to fuel your health and weight-loss results but sneaking in lots of unhealthy snacks during the day can really add up. We like to plan out our snacks each day and portions things correctly so healthy eating is as simple as “grab and go “ in the morning. It also helps with cutting down on unhealthy snacks. When your friend offers you a bite of some chocolate deluxe cake or the like, you can easily reach for your healthy snack to enjoy. 

If you DO have a craving for a little something decadent, give SlimGenics Chocolate Fudge Cake a try. Proof that you CAN have your delicious cake and eat it too!

The Holiday season is such a wonderful time to reconnect with all your best friends while enjoying time spent together. And we love getting all gussied up to have a night out on the town. These tips are sure to have you feeling healthier while helping to shed the sneaky pounds before you don your best! What are you most looking forward to this healthy Holiday season? 


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