Planning for Weight-Loss Success – No Matter Where You Are

On a weekly basis I have people asking me for an updated frozen foods list, and usually I try to dodge that one. Why? Because quite honestly, eating from a box is bad, so instead of updating the list, we try our very best to encourage clean eating at home. To make a true change, and to have a better chance at weight-loss success, we know some element of preparation needs to exist. So, I would be remiss if I didn’t first advise the 3 P’s to avoid NEEDING to eat out of a box.

The 3 P’s of Weight Loss Success:

    1. Planning – Make a menu for the week using a few deliciously on-plan SlimGenics weight loss recipes on Sunday, and stick to it!
    2. Preparation – If your meals require some cooking, do it before the week begins.
    3. Packing – Measure, weigh and put in baggies or storage containers, so each meal is grab-and-go! If you’re really an overachiever, you could even plan for the month and freeze meals until you need them.

That all being said, this is real life, where things happen unexpectedly, and you can’t always follow that well laid-out plan. When that happens, here are some guidelines to use when eating out or grabbing something from the frozen section.

  • The fewer the ingredients, the better! Eating simply almost guarantees that you will be consuming less preservatives and less fat. Read labels and ask your server what’s in the meal. It’s worth it! A few examples: Baked protein, such as fish or chicken with steamed veggies, no sauce, no butter.
  • Salads aren’t always good for you. This applies when eating out. Some salads tip the scale at more than 2,000 calories! A few rules to follow: Get a vinaigrette dressing on the side, skip the cheese and croutons and get grilled or steamed protein on the salad.
  • Natural and organic are healthy choices…sometimes. When browsing the frozen section, we would advise you to head to the organic or natural section, which will minimize some of the preservatives used. However, that doesn’t mean the selection will be low-fat OR low-calorie! Try to find meals that are around 300 calories or less.
  • Remember your portions. You are still on plan! So, when you are selecting a meal, remember to avoid pasta and look for meals that are high in protein and have some green veggies. Those are the easiest to factor into your daily plan allowances.

NOTE: The real culprit at any restaurant or in any frozen meal is what’s added to it. At restaurants, there are many “hidden” ingredients that are in sauces, used in preparation, etc., which can add up to extra calories and fat. In frozen meals, you have to watch for the added chemicals and preservatives that result in slower weight loss and increase your toxic load.

Remember the 3 P’s, and get cooking this weekend!

Have a great on-plan day!

Kim C