Slim-Repair Detox Week

7-Day Plan, Shakes and Supplements


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Kick start your weight-loss journey or prevent plateaus for faster, more consistent weight-loss results with Slim-Repair Detox Week.

It is not uncommon to experience plateaus while in the Weight Reduction Phase of your program. Plateaus typically happen every 6 weeks because your body adjusts to your routine and becomes comfortable. To help prevent this, change is required. This Slim-Repair Detox Week Kit is designed to re-stimulate your metabolism so you continue to lose weight in a faster, safer and healthier manner. During Slim-Repair Detox Week, you will enjoy 2 delicious Slim-Repair shakes per day while following the Slim-Repair Detox Week Protocol. You will feel great and have more energy while decreasing inflammation, toxicity and weight-related hormonal imbalances. After day 7, resume with your SlimGenics Weight Reduction Phase food plan.*

Includes a 7-Day Menu Plan Protocol, 1 tub of 7-Day Slim-Repair, 1 Slim-Assist Calcium and Magnesium Supplement, 1 Slim-Guardian Multi-Probiotic, and 1 Slim-Assure Digestive Enzymes.

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