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With the SlimGenics at Home Program, you will receive a comprehensive program and all of the information you need for successful weight loss. The SlimGenics at Home Program is designed to take you through the 4 phases of healthy weight loss without having to count calories or eat pre-packaged meals. You will learn how to eat to lose weight, set achievable goals, make smart food choices whether cooking at home or eating out and learn the nutritional habits to keep the weight off for good!

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You are not on this journey alone! You have access to an experienced e-Program Advisor/Coach and a Private Community with fellow program participants for all of the support you need. You will also receive 24 weeks of follow-up eAdvisor e-mails full of educational articles and videos to keep you inspired throughout your weight-loss journey. Your fully integrated Downloadable eBook includes all of the things you need to succeed in the comfort of your home.

This Integrated eBook includes 102 pages of:

  • Weight Loss Plan with Video Guidance
  • Comprehensive Food List
  • Recipe Ideas for Meal Planning
  • Vital Information for Developing Healthy Habits
  • Educational Videos on Health and Nutrition
  • Nutritional Deficiency Tests
  • Food Journals
  • Weight Stabilization and Maintenance Guides

SlimGenics offers proprietary weight-loss aids and nutritional supplements that will help you lose weight faster and easier. We have over a 14-year track record of safe and healthy weight loss and can’t wait to help you achieve your weight loss goal. Check out our Testimonials. We look forward to having you be our next success story!

To contact a Program Specialist with a question about the home program, please contact stepsupport@slimgenics.com or call 855.565.7700.

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