Essential SlimGenics Weight Loss Program


The SlimGenics People Proven Weight-Loss Program is a leading-edge weight-loss method that includes all the tools you need to jumpstart your metabolism and lose weight successfully.*

You will receive our 4-Step downloadable Weight Loss Guide, ONE MONTH of email, chat and text support from our expert Weight Loss Specialists, and a 3-Day tub of Slim-Repair Detox Shake to jumpstart your results for weight-loss of up to 5 pounds in the first week of your journey!*

The SlimGenics Weight Loss Program will then guide you through the four phases of healthy weight loss utilizing balanced nutritional choices free from counting calories or pre-packaged meals. Enjoy preparing foods that you love right in your own home while you learn how to eat to lose weight, set achievable goals, and make healthy eating choices.*

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With a FULL YEAR of on-demand email, chat and phone support and a complete kit of essential weight-loss enhancers, you can multiply your results and enjoy faster, easier weight loss in just weeks!* 

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Contact a dedicated Weight Loss Specialist now at or call 855.565.7700 to learn all about the people-proven program for faster, healthier weight-loss.

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