Pura-Slim™ Stimulant-Free Fat Burners

  • Pura-Slim™ Fat Burners are powerful, stimulant-free fat burners perfect for caffeine-sensitive clients, those taking blood thinners and for those who should avoid stimulants due to medical reasons. They help suppress appetite, reduce water retention and decrease cravings and work to speed up your metabolism by 4%, allowing you to experience faster, easier and more consistent weight loss. They help to eliminate many of the barriers of losing weight, which equates to healthy, easier weight loss.*

    180 Count

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Burn Fat and Lose Weight Faster with Metabolizer Herbs*

SlimGenics Metabolizer Herbs come in three adaptogenic formulas designed to support liver function, kidney function as well as cardiac and immune systems during the stress of weight reduction. They help to effectively suppress appetite, reduce water retention and decrease unhealthy cravings. Metabolizer herbs are your secret weapon for enhanced weight-loss so you can experience faster and easier results while feeling amazing!* 

Three Formulations to Suit Your Health*

SlimGenics Metabolizer Herbs help to: