Relax-Repair™ | Sleep & Hormone Support

Relax Repair sleep and hormone support supplement
Relax-Repair is a medical-grade, neurotransmitter and hormone-support supplement that calms your mind and lifts your mood. Our powerful mix of ingredients increases the brain’s production of Alpha Waves, (commonly associated with a relaxed, focused state) and decreases the production of beta waves (commonly associated with hyperactivity, nervousness and fleeting thoughts). One serving of Relax-Repair on a daily basis supports the smooth and regular flow of electrical impulses needed for emotional well-being. Not only does Relax-Repair support healthy blood pressure and body weight, but encourages hormone, lipid, insulin and glucose metabolism. Studies show that Relax-Repair may support improved cognition, cardiac function, as well as overall cellular and nerve health. Take Relax-Repair at in the evening to reduce insomnia and prepare yourself for a deep, restful sleep. If you’ve already been prescribed an anti-anxiety medicine or supplement, please check with a doctor before using Relax-Repair. For maximum results, take Relax-Repair in conjunction with Cortidrenal-Slim, Slim-Assist EFAs and D-Slim Liquid Vitamin D3.

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