Shrink Your Fat Cells

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The outdated way of looking at fat cells is to think that extra calories are stored in fat and that’s what makes the fat cells grow. However, less than half the size of a fat cell comes from extra calories. The majority of a fat cell’s size comes from a combination of other factors, the primary is:

  1. The inflammatory molecules that fat cells accumulate on their own, and
  2. The various chemicals that we accumulate that are stored in fat cells.

Let’s talk about the stored chemicals, or what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have named, “body burden.” I prefer the term “chemical load” to describe the stored chemicals in our bodies.

Chemicals are stored in our fat cells, which creates larger fat cells and more body weight. When we excrete chemicals that were stored in fat, our fat cells shrink, which is called detoxification.

Detoxification is now commonly being used as a medical treatment for many things, such as:

  • Balancing hormones (fat cells excrete hormones that cause imbalances)
  • Balancing thyroid function (chemicals interfere with the thyroid)
  • Reducing fatty liver (chemicals contribute to fatty liver and therefore poor liver function)
  • Weight loss and pushing through weight loss plateaus. Physicians agree with the research that fat mass goes down with the elimination of chemical load.

You can reduce your chemical load and shrink your fat cells by up to 50% with three things:

  1. Minimize the incoming toxic burden by choosing cleaner food, like on-plan foods and perhaps choosing more wild and organic meats, chicken, dairy and fish. 90% of all ingested chemical load comes from conventional, industrial meat, chicken, dairy and fish. Use the Clean 15 and the Dirty Dozen food lists for choosing fruits and veggies with less chemical load.
  2. Spring and fall are perfect times to detox, since these are times that align with our body’s natural, seasonal rhythms—as shown by the science of chronobiology. SlimGenics offers a medical-grade detoxification system for clients, called Slim-Repair™, which is effective for reducing chemical load in the body.

Rebuild, repair and revitalize your detoxification systems with nutrients specific for:

-Phase 1 and Phase 2 liver detox pathways (B-Slim™, Slim-Assist™, Slim-Ensulate™, Vita-Slim™ Daily Multivitamin, Thermo-Boost®, Metabolizer Herbs)

-Phase 3 detox transportation of chemicals from cells (Vita-Slim™ Daily Multivitamin, Thermo-Boost®, Metabolizer Herbs),

-Gut health and eliminating toxins and preventing their absorption (Slim-Assist™, Slim-Ensulate™).

A dwindling number of healthcare providers still believe that the body is already quite capable of detoxifying itself; this belief is woefully mistaken and out-of-date. Humans are not built to withstand the 80,000 chemicals we are exposed to yearly and daily; especially when not supplementing with appropriate nutrients to maintain the detox systems and organs.

Compared to the weight loss industry as a whole, SlimGenics has achieved much greater success in assisting more clients on their weight loss journey. This success is facilitated by specific and targeted supplementation for the rapid repair and maintenance of the body’s systems related to weight loss, including detox.

I encourage you to incorporate the principles of detox in your daily lives and to investigate further things you can do for yourself to support this process—it will make a huge, positive difference to your fat loss, weight control, cravings, appetite regulation and any rebounds or plateaus you might experience will be minimized.

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