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Whole Roasted Chicken with Lemon and Rosemary

Homemade Lemon and Herb Whole Chicken can be part of your SlimGenics Weight Loss plan

Tis’ the season to the chaos of family, friends, parties and presents.  I noticed a few friends commenting on how the calendar put us at a disadvantage this year. Thanksgiving falls at the end of November leaving us a little less time than usual to make it to Christmas.  Well, like many of you, I […]

Cornish Game Hen with Brussels Sprouts and Bulgur

I’ve always found people either LOVE Brussels sprouts, or they hate them almost to the point that a Brussels sprout may take it personally. I fall into the former category. Since I was little, Brussels sprouts have been one of my favorite veggies. Even so, I am a little particular about how they are prepared. […]

Healthy Steak and Potatoes

healthy steak and potatoes

One fantastic on-plan condiment that adds unique and delicious flavor to meals is mustard. A little bit goes a long way, the the spectrum of mustard flavor profiles is vast.  From mustard seed to ground, grainy to Dijon, spicy brown to yellow; the list goes on and with it, your creativity in the kitchen. This […]

Flank Steak with Horseradish Chimichurri

This week, I’m working on turning on my “good old habits” and get back on track with a realistic goal for the next six weeks. I still have some healing to do, but when the doctor prescribed “bed rest,” all I could think of was my stacked and packed calendar. Life does not stop and […]

Grilled Sirloin with Red Pepper Relish and Asparagus

1 protein – 2 vegetables Not too long ago, I was out with some friends and we started talking about my blog. One friend laughed and told me, “It all looks good, but anything with more than five ingredients freaks me out!” Turns out that her own fear of ingredients has prevented her from trying […]

Bison Burgers with Red Pepper Relish and Smoked Paprika Aioli

1 protein – 2 vegetables – 2 starches I’ve published quite a few slider recipes over the past year, but a slider just isn’t the same as a big ole Man Burger, is it? With ground sirloin, we are afforded just four ounces, but when you use bison, you get to use 25 percent more, […]