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Exercise and Weight Loss

SlimGenics clients frequently ask about exercise and weight loss, how it affects weight loss, and whether they specifically should consider it as part of their routine. The main question is always whether or not exercise is essential for weight loss – and we’re here to answer these questions! Many people have the experience with exercise […]

The SlimGenics STEP Program

slimgenics weight loss program starter kit

At SlimGenics®, we are committed to providing individuals with the nutritional education we feel is necessary to expedite weight loss and live a healthier life. As a leader in progressive weight loss methods and the fight against obesity, SlimGenics is proud to announce the release of our new STEP™ Program. The SlimGenics STEP Program is […]

Eat Your Vegetables!

With the holiday season here, I can’t stress enough how important cooking at home is for your health, and your wallet. Do you find it hard to eat your vegetables? Read this article as you navigate the holidays and strive to eat the right things every day. You’ve probably started to realize that weight loss […]

Memphis Rubbed Sirloin – A Healthy Steak Dinner

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It may seem funny to post a barbecue recipe when it’s snowing (at least, here in Colorado), but my grill is on a covered deck so I can grill pretty much all year round.  Don’t worry if you can’t grill, there’s alternatives so don’t skip past this week’s recipe. The rub imparts a lot of […]

Diabetes and Obesity: Diabesity

  In the 1970s, researchers coined a term for the strong link between obesity and disease, particularly diabetes. Diabesity was born into the academic circles back then, and recently has been popularized by a number of health authors and physicians. If you haven’t heard this term before, you will certainly see it rebounding from the […]

Everyday Detox

The three pillars of detox are: intake, elimination and storage. However, prevention should also be added as part of the intake. Detox is not something someone undergoes once or twice a year as a complete “cleanse” for the body (that has its benefits too and will be blogged about in the future). But it needs […]