The New Look of Weight Loss

overweight woman on a scale

Most everyone is familiar with the idea that weight loss is achieved by limiting calories. This myth (yes, it is definitely a myth) of calories in vs. calories out is not only outdated, it’s also very one-dimensional. It doesn’t take into account that the kinds of foods we eat can have very different nutritional value to the body. For example, in this old method, 500 calories of junk food is equal to 500 calories of vegetables – and as every SlimGenics client knows, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

The old, linear formula told us that the secret to weight loss meant that caloric intake must be less than caloric output. Fortunately, this myth has been replaced by a more three-dimensional formula that encompasses our hormones, our individual organ health or physiology, our levels of body toxicity, our emotions, stress and how all these factors affect our genetic expression.

In the old way of thinking, our fat tissue simply acted as a battery to store extra energy—extra calories consumed were simply stored in fat for later use. While it’s true that we do store extra energy in fat cells, this is not at all the only thing our fat cells do.

Fat cells release their own hormones that are specific to gaining more fat or to losing fat, and which control our appetites and even metabolism! Leptin, for example, is one of the hormones released by fat cells that reduces a person’s appetite by reducing their urge to eat. Along with releasing these hormones, fat cells help to control water retention by making their own inflammatory molecules and instigating an inflammatory response in the body.

Understanding how these mechanisms affect weight loss has enabled us here at SlimGenics to design individualized meal plans for each of our clients. Certain vitamins and minerals help the body to eliminate waste and storage fat, which in turn works to balance the body’s complex systems. Our Program Advisors are able to assess the root causes of the initial weight gain, as well as the triggers that can lead to weight regain, and can then recommend the perfect combination of supplements with the goal of healthy weight loss and long-term weight management in mind.

Based on this emerging information, our new STEP™ Program incorporates multiple phases of weight loss and weight control to help our clients become true weight managers! This innovative program works WITH the body to reduce inflammation, and helps to balance the interconnected systems of hormones, organ health, and each person’s individual response to weight loss. It also includes a robust curriculum that works with each client’s lifestyle, teaching them how to achieve a healthy weight, and how to journey into this new healthy lifestyle.

Are you ready to learn how these tools can help you lose the weight, and how this healthy lifestyle change can help you keep it off for the long-term? Visit your local SlimGenics center or schedule your FREE personalized consultation.