6 Tips to Avoid Sneaky Weight Gain

6 Tips to Avoid Sneaky Weight Gain

We’re living in the age of awareness when it comes to our health. With so many resources such as SlimGenics, staying healthy has never been so attainable. That is why it is so frustrating when the occasional weight gain tries to sneak up on us. Not to worry! It happens to everyone and so we’ve put together a list of the biggest culprits to avoid when it comes to weight gain.

Skipping Meals

You forgot to pack a lunch and it’s a busy afternoon so you might be thinking “I’ll just skip it”. Take the time and go grab something because skipping your meals is doing far more harm than good for your metabolic rate. When we throw our bodies off from established eating schedules and skip eating, our metabolic rate can decrease significantly to preserve energy and the weight may start to creep on.

Eating Quickly

When time is running short, the temptation to shovel our food in quickly is high. The problem with that is chewing is an essential first step to proper digestion of food. When we eat very quickly, we are not taking enough time to allow our food to break down correctly which means the rest of your digestive processes have to compensate which means your metabolism is likely to slow down.

Additionally, eating too quickly leaves no time for your body to signal when you are full. It takes at least 20 minutes for your brain to receive the signal that your stomach is full. By eating a time-crunched breakfast, the risk of overeating or making poor food decisions is high.

Not Drinking Water

We cannot say it enough: Getting an adequate water intake can raise your metabolism by as much as 30%. Conversely, depriving your body of water can lead to a slowed metabolism as well as force your body to divert what water it does have into more essential functions.

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Drinking Sugary Calories

Be it soda or some health drink imposter, the calories begin to add up fast. Most standard popular soda brands feature drinks that have nearly ten teaspoons of sugar in a standard can. Thank about taking a spoon and just eating ten spoonfuls of sugar right out of the bag. Not good. Disturbingly, many fruit smoothie drinks available in the store are even worse with close to double the amount of sugars. Save your waistline and cut these health bombs right out of your lifestyle. No good can come of them.

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Prolonged Inactivity

Do you work a sedentary job? Are you immobile for most of the day? Spending just 15 minutes moving each day can improve your health by leaps and bounds. There’s no need to torture yourself trying to run a marathon on the first day. Simply taking a short walk with your pet or doing a few squats in between commercials can help stave off sneaky weight gain.

Inadequate Sleep

Sleep can seem like a luxury when there’s a lot of stress in life but if we’ve learned anything it’s that you need to treat yourself well. You deserve it. Studies show that individuals who are sleep deprived produce elevated levels of cortisol which signals to the brain that you are hungry and leads to overeating. Additionally, cortisol may alter metabolic reactions that take place when eating and signal to your body to convert food to fat. Lack of sleep also causes a decreased production of ghrelin which can cause the body to no longer recognize that it is full. In conclusion, your tired body wants you to eat more and won’t tell you when to stop.

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What are your best tips for staying on track and feeling great? We love to know the tips and tricks our clients use to stay successful and our new clients can benefit from the shared experiences.

Are you struggling with your weight? Don’t forget that SlimGenics is always here for you and our talented Weight Loss Consultants are happy to help you stay on track to your happiest and healthiest self.



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