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The SlimGenics Foundation

The SlimGenics® Foundation serves as part of our continued dedication to fostering healthier families and communities throughout the nation as well as abroad. We proudly provide support, partnership and aid to dynamic organizations and innovative programs in three key areas:

Essential Nutritional 

Healthy nutrition is a cornerstone of a life well lived. To strengthen the communities we serve, we provide individuals and families with essential nutritional resources that help bolster better health in our local communities.

Childhood Obesity Prevention

SlimGenics is leading the charge to help solve the nation’s growing childhood obesity problem with our innovative NObesity® movement. We believe that every child deserves nutritious food that will help them flourish and lead them into a healthy adulthood.

Childhood Malnutrition Prevention

Though we live in a prosperous nation, the sad reality is that many children face hunger and food insecurity daily. The SlimGenics Foundation proudly sponsors programs and initiatives that take fresh approaches to tackling childhood hunger and malnutrition.

Foundation Partners

ChildFund International

ChildFund International is a nonprofit organization that envisions a world where every child is free to live to their fullest potential, no matter where they’re from or what challenges they face. SlimGenics has been a proud donation partner with Child Fund International to ensure that youth across the globe have access to resources, education, healthcare, nutrition and more.
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American Red Cross

The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of amazing volunteers to provide assistance, resources and essential manpower in times of great challenge. SlimGenics has been a long-time donation partner with the American Red Cross undertaking regular fundraising activities for a multitude of important relief efforts.
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Metro Caring

Metro Caring believes that we must relieve hunger while also addressing the root causes of that hunger from the community level all the way up. SlimGenics has been a proud donation partner with Metro Caring to help provide thousands of pounds of food to underserved communities that continue to experience widespread hunger.
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