How Long Does It Actually Take to Lose Weight?

How Long Does It Actually Take to Lose Weight?

One of the biggest struggles of effective weight-loss programs is educating clients on the nature of weight gain. The human body doesn’t typically gain weight at a rapid pace, so it makes sense that losing weight wouldn’t happen overnight either. All you have to do is search “how to lose weight in 2 weeks” to find thousands of fad diets that promise unrealistic results with very strange and often dangerous methods.

While some of those fads might produce noticeable results in a short period of time, they’re also more likely to negatively damage your metabolism and lead to future weight gain. The question then becomes: how long should effective weight loss really take?

Losing Weight vs Losing Fat

Here’s the deal, fad diets that promise fast weight loss are hoping you won’t do your research. Luckily for us, we live in the age of information and the internet is a great way to check out any scenario that seems “too good to be true.”  So, when you see a diet claiming to help you “lose 10 pounds in 2 days,” it’s safe to bet that it will utilize dangerous methods that starve the body and vastly disrupt the fluid balance within.

The unfortunate truth is, stored fat requires a steady process of being broken down by the body and that doesn’t happen quickly. However, the human body is made up of 97% water. If you were to lose a significant amount of weight in a short period of time, it’s almost certainly going to be water weight. As we discussed earlier, this isn’t great for your health or your metabolism.

Water-Water Everywhere  

Today’s science lesson: carbohydrates bind themselves to water molecules while being processed within your body. This means that diets rich in carbs can cause your body to hold onto more water weight. Inversely, any diet that reduces carbohydrate intake will naturally cause your body to lose water weight. So, those five pounds you lost during the weekend while eating butter and bacon is going to come right back… Especially when you have that first piece of bread or donut you were lusting after.

Water, my friends, is an essential component of your health. An over-accumulation of fat is the real culprit in regards to your overall wellness and weight. The SlimGenics Program focuses on creating the ideal thermogenic conditions within the body to encourage increased fat burning without sacrificing the nutrition you need to create lasting weight loss results.

The Low Down on Metabolism

Twenty years ago, popular science came to believe that weight loss in regards to the human body is a simple system of calories in vs calories out. If an individual were to consume fewer calories than normal, then that person would lose weight. However, our understanding of biology has come a long way since then and scientists have come to find that the human body is a deeply complex system of balances that have been thrown off by the contemporary American diet.

Metabolism is directly affected not just by the caloric intake, but also by factors such as internal inflammation, nutrient deficiency, hormone imbalance, and even water intake. The human body will burn fat up to 13 percent more efficiently if it’s supplied with adequate water. Additionally, if a body is starved of calories and nutrients, it will trigger survival mechanisms that cause the body to hold onto weight and gain weight even faster than normal with even less food. Any diet that severely restricts calories, nutrients or prioritizes unhealthy habits is actually doing more harm to your body than good. In the long run, it will also damage your body’s ability to function at a normal capacity.

Faster, Easier Weight Loss? 

All hope is not lost. Effective weight loss can be achieved at a faster and easier pace that your body can actually sustain. By specifically tailoring your nutrition and eating habits to the unique factors that directly affect you, the body will reset and begin to work efficiently, perhaps for the first time ever. By correcting hormone imbalances, there will be fewer signals from your biology to hold onto fat reserves. By supplying your body with the fuel and nutrients it needs, you’ll have the building blocks for effective processing and breaking down of fat. Removing toxins and inflammation-causing chemicals will also allow your body to repair and restore itself to its proper functionality.

At SlimGenics Direct, our clients receive plans that delve deep into the specific biological and habitual lifestyle factors that contribute to weight gain. Losing weight can be easier and faster than ever before with a weight-loss program that chooses to create true health in the individuals who seek to embrace it.

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