How to Detox the Healthy Way

How to Detox the Healthy Way

There is a lot of hype in the health world surrounding the word detox, but what does it really mean? Detoxification is an important step you can take to rid your body of toxins and hit the “refresh” button on your weight loss. The issue is, some of these magic detox diets and cleanses do more to harm your body than help it.

So how can you tell the difference and still find healthy detoxification that’s right for you? Below, we dive into the world of detox and help you identify the perfect method for you.

What is a detox?

Detoxification will help cleanse the body of chemicals and toxins that enter our systems each day from both our diets and the environment. However many detox programs available involve extremely low-calorie intake and can also be downright dangerous to your health by contributing to low blood sugar, diarrhea, fatigue, headaches and dehydration. Fasting has been a longstanding tradition when it comes to detox diets, which can have harmful side effects on your metabolism.

How do I know if I should detox?

While many detox programs tout the benefits of fasting, we believe clients should take a different approach, which is why we introduced PrepSTEP™—the first phase of your program in which the body can detoxify and prepare for faster, healthier weight loss, without starvation or deprivation.

We recommend healthy clients participate in this detoxification with the help of Slim-Repair™ Detox Shake, which will help with repairing, healing and preparing your body for the weight loss ahead.

How can I detox naturally?

You don’t need to drink some crazy concoction, subsist only on juice or fast for a week to cleanse your body. Here are some natural detoxification methods for flushing toxins from the kidneys, liver, skin, intestines and more.

Drink More Water. Water assists the kidneys and liver in eliminating toxins from the blood and flushing them from out bodies by increasing the speed and efficiency of this process. Drinking extra water can increase these processes even further.

Eat Vegetables. The nutrients found in fresh green vegetables are essential to promoting the functioning of these toxin-eliminating organs. Oftentimes, our bodies cannot produce the nutrients from plants in our bodies naturally, so it’s important to receive them through diet. These vegetables will help with breaking down enzymes and lead to a healthier weight-loss journey.

Eat Fiber-Rich Foods. Fiber aids in digestion and the process of eliminating waste through the intestines. Fiber-rich foods include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, seeds and legumes. The fiber you receive from the green vegetables during PrepSTEP is essential to your detoxification.

Eat Antioxidant-Rich Foods. Antioxidants attack and destroy free radicals in the body. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can cause damage to our cells. These can be found in anything from the environment to household cleaners. Foods rich in antioxidants include leafy greens, citrus fruits, cruciferous vegetables, green tea and berries.

Drink Slim-Repair™ Detox Shake. Slim-Repair aids the body in detoxifying when paired with a healthy diet consisting of green vegetables, good fats and antioxidant-packed foods. Slim-Repair will also be recommended at strategic times throughout your program as a plateau-breaker. Slim-Repair boosts intestinal health, improves liver function, reduces inflammation and supports the weight-loss process.

Detoxification is an important process to prepare your body for both weight loss and general optimal functioning. However, finding a detoxification method that won’t leave you tired, hungry or unhappy is important to your overall health and wellness.


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