The SlimGenics Guide to Quality Health Solutions

The SlimGenics Guide to Quality Health Solutions

SlimGenics Health and Wellness Supplements are your essential high-quality, effective health solutions. Every supplement is crafted to address the specific biological challenges faced by individuals seeking to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. With so many supplement companies and options available on store shelves, what makes SlimGenics’ products your best choice to achieve the results you deserve?

Science-Based Quality Formulations

SlimGenics supplements are crafted utilizing scientific principles and innovations that have shown a demonstrable record for efficacy. There’s no junk science or fake miracles here! We strive to ensure that each component used in our health solutions has a base of research and trusted results in order to ensure each formulation is scientifically balanced and optimized to achieve results. In addition, formulations are subjected to review and clinical testing by an esteemed medical board of advisors (BOA) composed of experts in a variety of specialties, many of whom are pioneers in the field of functional medicine. We take the guesswork out of meaningful health solutions so you can implement the best options to support your health.

Independently Tested

Every batch of SlimGenics formulations undergoes a strict set of tests conducted to verify the identity, strength, purity, composition, and absence of contaminants in any given component used in production. All supplements must meet a 100% accuracy test to ensure that the exact amounts of each ingredient are present and nothing else. If for any reason, the formulation of the supplement has been compromised, the entire batch is destroyed and new batches are created to begin the testing process all over again. All processes meet National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). This is not a requirement but a standard that SlimGenics is dedicated to upholding.

The FDA conducted an extensive investigation of over 800 health and wellness supplements readily available to the public and found that a shocking 98 percent contained ingredients not listed on the labels that were often considered to be potentially dangerous. SlimGenics is proud to be a leader in weight-loss safety and quality with neutraceutical-grade supplements that are held to the highest manufacturing standards and independent testing possible.

Purity Guaranteed

The manufacturing process features closed-loop segmentation to guarantee purity of ingredients from start to finish. Each section of manufacturing is designed to move seamlessly without interruption to ensure that no contamination can occur. Lab sterility and cleanliness is essential to creating a perfect end product and each lab only handles a single formula. Lab segments run 100% independent water and air systems so that the potential for cross-mixing or contamination is practically eliminated. From start to finish, your supplements are crafted to be the purest, cleanest and safest possible.

Superior Materials

Price is not the primary factor in the sourcing of our raw materials. In order to end up with the quality product that our clients come to expect, raw materials are sourced based on their authenticity and efficiency as demonstrated in scientific literature. Many of our supplements also utilize exclusive patents and blends that have been crafted for optimal performance and are available typically only to quality providers.

With an enhanced level of oversight, raw materials are professionally sourced to be pure, clean and ready to be crafted into superior, nutraceutical-grade health and wellness products.

Why Nutraceutical-Grade?

Mainstream health supplements are not required to meet any quality standards which can be concerning when it comes to your health. SlimGenics voluntarily seeks to meet the same standards of medical-grade health solutions. The majority of our health and wellness supplements are nutraceutical grade and designed to utilize natural sources to create meaningful improvements in your health and weight-loss results. We stand firm that you deserve to trust that you are consuming the best.

Bioavailability and Superior Absorption

Bioavailability refers to how much of a nutrient or formula that enters circulation is able to be used by the body. A substance with a low bioavailability needs to be converted to a different form before the body can absorb it, whereas a substance with high bioavailability becomes available as soon as it enters the bloodstream. Where possible, our formulations utilize nutrients that have optimal bioavailability so you can achieve the highest benefit from them.

SlimGenics also uses acid-resistant HPMC and enteric-coated softgels for ingredients that are sensitive to stomach acids, such as probiotics, digestive enzymes and more. These acid-resistant capsules and softgels ensure that the formulas pass through volatile stomach acids and reach the small intestine before being metabolized to ensure proper absorption. For products that require quick delivery, generation II vegetable capsules are used which feature disintegration times of under 5 minutes as opposed to a standardized 20 minutes featured in low-quality alternatives.

Balanced for Weight-Loss and Beyond

Common supplement companies engage in potentially dangerous practices by latching on to a new “health cure” ingredient and then packing as much of it into capsules as possible. Good health is not achieved by taking as much of a supplement as possible. To do so is potentially dangerous and lacking in any true scientific understanding.

SlimGenics nutritional supplements address the specific imbalances your body experiences by providing what you may need, in the amount that you need it in. Where formulations with multiple ingredients are concerned, we strive to achieve optimal blends that take complex chemical interactions into consideration so that your body will absorb the right amounts. For example, many store-bought daily vitamins do not account for one ingredient canceling out another during the absorption phase. Our supplements are manufactured with the utmost care so you can address the core causes of weight gain, improve metabolism and address imbalances for improved results during weight loss and fully supported healthy for the future.

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