SlimAnywhere™ Advantage Weight Loss Program with Herbal-Slim Starter Pack

  • The SlimAnywhere™ Weight Loss Program and Advantage Starter Kit with Herbal-Slim provides you with everything you need to reach your weight-loss goals right in the convenience of your home. With easy-to-follow directions and common-sense lifestyle changes, you will consistently burn fat while eating the foods you love. This complete and flexible program with Advantage starter kit is designed to fit any person of any lifestyle.

    Is This the Right Kit For Me? This kit features Herbal-Slim Fat Burners to enhance results in adults who are looking to lose over 100 pounds, those who are diabetic or those who have a heart condition. Please check out our other kits, here.

    Have Questions? Contact our Slim Support Team now at 855.292.4400 to ask any questions you may have and learn all about our people-proven program for faster, healthier weight-loss.

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The Weight Loss Package You've Been Waiting For

Tired of Yo-Yo Diets and Apps That Don’t Work?

Since 2003, we’ve produced immediate and measurable weight-loss results with our best-in-class Weight Loss Programs. No matter your health challenges, we are here to help you reach your goal weight with our easy-to-follow programs while learning the skills necessary to make it last.

Weight-Loss Support Every Step of the Way!

Losing weight is always easier with support and our professional Weight Loss Specialists are available anywhere you go. Simply call or email and friendly support is at hand. Whether at work, home, or traveling, our clients credit our expert support for their ability to stay on track and hit their goals faster and easier than ever before.

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A Balanced Approach to Weight Loss

Have weight loss programs left you feeling lost and confused? We are dedicated to making weight loss easy to understand while providing you with the health education you need to make your results last. You deserve to feel empowered in your health and we're here to finally make it simple.