D-Slim Immune Boosting Liquid Vitamin D3

  • D-Slim™ Liquid Vitamin D3 is an essential component to supporting healthy function within the body from cellular health all the way to metabolic processing. Nearly 85% of Americans suffer from the effects of vitamin D deficiency which is proven to regulate weight-related hormones, improve gut health, facilitate detoxification, and decrease the size and number of fat cells. Vitamin D is perfect support for optimizing weight-loss and overall health.

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Beat Vitamin D Deficiency Once and For All

Nearly one billion people worldwide have a vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency that can contribute to serious reductions to overall health. As you know, Vitamin D is mainly created by your body when it reacts with sunlight but poor diet, lack of sunshine, pollution, and more can lead to poor absorption that eventually becomes a full on deficiency. Reversing deficiency and maintaining optimal serum vitamin D levels with D-Slim beneficially impacts biochemistry and numerous body systems that help support health aging and faster weight loss.*

D-Slim helps to: