Alpha-Slim Crave Blockers

  • Alpha-Slim™ Crave Blockers are your new health obsession! Each tablet assists with reducing cravings, decreasing hunger, increasing fat burning and helps inhibit the absorption of starch and sugar so you can power your weight-loss results. Up to 300 calories that would be absorbed during digestion are blocked, aiding in much easier weight loss that you will love.*

    90 Count 

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Block Unwanted Calories and Lose Weight Faster!*

What if we told you that losing weight is not only faster but also easier than you think? With sensible solutions such as Alpha-Slim, you can supercharge your results and help keep unwanted cravings at bay with our perfectly formulated carb blockers. The latest scientific research has allowed our formula to help effectively block fat accumulation from eating carb- and sugar-heavy meals while also helping to reduce neurological triggers responsible for unhealthy cravings. With Alpha-Slim, you can enjoy your meals without carb fear!*

Alpha-Slim helps to: