Cortidrenal-Slim Natural Cortisol & Stress Buster with Adrenal Support

  • Cortidrenal-Slim Natural Stress Buster is an adaptogenic herbal remedy for the emotional and physical symptoms of chronic stress. It works to balance cortisol levels in the body and enhance weight loss while alleviating symptoms of stress, fatigue and feelings of anxiousness. Support improved mood, lowered levels of stress, improved memory, and enhanced cognitive capacity with this brand new stress-fighting powerhouse!*

    60 Count

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Lower Your Stress and Banish Belly Fat*

Let’s face it, we are stressed out these days which can take a serious toll on your health and wellness. From ongoing weight gain to premature aging, the sooner you can start addressing stress in your life, the better. The big question is… what can I do to help myself feel calm and focused once again? Coridrenal-Slim is your answer! Our breakthrough, patented technology is proven to help your body adapt to AND reduce the physical impacts that stress can have on your health. Better yet, our powerhouse formula works to help inhibit stress-related weight gain while reducing hormonal signals that can lead to increased belly fat. Look, stress isn’t going away anytime soon but with Cortidrenal-Slim, you can face stress, worry-free.*

Cortidrenal-Slim helps to: