Great Foods for Protein

Are you getting tired of always eating chicken with the same seasoning, but don’t know how else to get that much-needed protein to enhance your weight loss? High-protein foods take more work to digest, metabolize and use for energy, which means you burn more calories processing them. Protein is an essential part of weight loss and, as such, you have probably noticed that you are eating more fresh poultry, beef, and wild caught fish while losing weight.

A great thing for you to keep in mind as you are discovering new foods on your weight loss journey is that there are many options other than poultry and beef that you can eat on the SlimGenics plan. Consider adding more of these alternative, foods for protein to your weekly meal schedule.

High Protein Foods for Weight Loss

  • Tuna fish. It’s important not to confuse fresh tuna fish with fish sticks or other processed frozen fish. Fresh or canned tuna fish is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids and proteins. The protein in tuna maintains lean muscles and keeps the metabolism high to burn calories and lose weight.
  • Fresh eggs. If you usually choose the carton of egg substitute, try switching to regular eggs. Regular eggs are higher in antioxidants, good fats and vitamins. Unlike egg whites or some egg substitutes, regular eggs are a complete source of protein. Give this super-food breakfast a try!
  • Wild-caught salmon. Salmon is a tasty, high-protein choice that has a lot of other benefits as well. But there is a difference between wild salmon and farmed salmon. Unfortunately, farmed fish is usually fed cheap feed that does not yield the same nutrient-rich flesh. When you have a choice, opt for wild, and then try this delicious cedar plank salmon recipe.
  • Greek yogurt. Don’t let the name “yogurt” fool you. Many yogurt products are packed with sugar, chemicals and served with sprinkles on top! On SlimGenics, we recommend plain, fat-free Greek yogurt for a reason. It is more nutritious and packed with protein instead of fillers such as corn syrup. This Greek yogurt dipping sauce is a great way to add flavor and protein to your veggies!
  • Tofu. Studies show the soy protein found in tofu is correlated with significant decreases in LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides. Try adding firm tofu to your next veggie stir-fry, or marinate it in any one of these plan-approved sauces.

Keep your protein intake high, varied and distributed throughout the day, and you’ll be helping yourself achieve even better weight-loss results!


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